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Recent Changes to Project One Home Structure

At the end of June 2017, We made a major shift in our priorities.  An international shift in the view how orphanages should be operated has changed the way the Haitian Government and the International community at large view orphans. Most of the orphans in Haiti are orphans because of poverty or other factors which inhibits families from providing for their children.  Many factors contribute to their situations; some out of their ability to control and others which are cultural.  There are also unscrupulous actors who are trafficking children for illicit gain.  We made the decision to stop operating as an orphanage and support who we could as a family type unit.  As a result some children have been returned to their parent. The children listed on this page are primarily close or extended family members of mamma Vey.  Those who are not family members are true orphans or who are at a sufficient age to make a rational decision where they wish to live. They are all provided for through donations and are attending school and a community church.  Our role at the time of this change shifted from resident directors to non-resident facilitators.

On July 3, 2013 Project One Haiti rented a building in Carrefour Haiti which became the starting block for The Hope House Orphanage. Since then we moved to Tabarre to a much bigger house which has a large yard where our children play.  God is good and He is providing all we need.

Chris and I moved to Haiti September 30, 2014 on a full time basis.  God has given us these children (and more to come) to care for and nurture. The only way to do that was to move here.

We have a water filter to provide clean drinking water.  We built a chicken coop that will eventually hold the chickens that will provide us eggs. We will be planting a garden this summer to supplement the basic rice and bean diet of Haiti.  Fresh clean water, high protein eggs and fresh vegetables will give our children a fighting start at a healthy life.

Our goals are to:

  1. Provide healthy food and clean water so we can raise healthy children.
  2. Give each child a good education through high school and if possible continuing education so each child can care for themselves when they reach adulthood and leave the Hope House.
  3. Give each child the Love of Christ by teaching them the Gospel of Jesus, taking them to church, and demonstrating the precepts of Godly living.

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