Meet Deluckson Sanon

DOB: April 8, 2015

Deluckson is a God Son of Momma Vey.  He must be a closer relative than that as his last name is the same as Vey’s and live in the same compound with her family.

Deluckson’s Mom died giving birth and his father died shortly there after in an accident when a tree fell on him.  Vey has her daughters with us and her niece.  Now she has another relative with us.

Image yet to be uploaded

Sorry the only pictures we have of him right now are of him crying.  He is a little freaked by the all the new faces.  Give him a few days and he will be coming up and stealing peanut butter out of our refrig.  I am sure Shaina will give him instructions.  When we have a better picture we will add it.

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