Project One Home

580180_507060226032291_2023163913_nOn July 3, 2013 Project One Haiti rented a building in Carrefour Haiti which was used as a starting block for Project One Home. We have since moved to Tabarre 27 on the east side of Port au Prince.  Here we have a much larger facility and room for the children to play. We now have 19 children who live with us from 22 months to 17 years of age.

God is good and He is providing all we need.

We have taken down a water filter to provide clean drinking water.

The Project One Home has 7 bedrooms and 4 baths.  We are planning on having no more than 18 to 20 children so we can have more of a family feeling than an institution.  There will be at least 3 adults to oversee and care for the children.

Our goals are to:

1) Provide healthy food and clean water so we can raise healthy children.

2) Give each child a good education through high school and if possible continuing education so each child can care for themselves when they reach adulthood and leave Project One Home.

3) Give each child the Love of Christ by teaching them the Gospel of Jesus, taking them to church, and demonstrating the precepts of Godly living.

This is a video about us at our beginning in 2013.  Much of this is no longer current and is left here only for historical perspective.  We have a new video being produced.