Moto on road to Thomaseau

Ramon Praying in Thomaseau

Shelly Praying

Pastor Djosmy and Shelly

Wash time Haitian style

checking out the Pic

Momma Angie and the Hope House Crew



Our goal is to identify one orphanage per year that is presently operating at the margin and assist them in the following seven ways:

1)  To instill knowledge of Christ’s love by providing them a Christian education and basic services while partnering with a local church.

2)  To assist in discovering clean drinkable water.

3)  To help locate a sustainable food supply.

4)  To educate in proper hygiene by:

a) Providing hygiene products such as soap, toothbrushes, etc.

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Sponsorship of a child will allow each child to have the necessities of life.  Sponsorship is $30.00 per month.

Sponsorship will provide:

  • Clean Water
  • Regular and Plentiful Food Supplies
  • Milk & Eggs
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Hygiene Products
  • Educational Toys
  • Books, Uniforms, & Tuition for School

To sponsor a child go to the Sponsor A Child menu item and select the orphanage.  Click on that child’s  Sponsorship Button and be blessed.


Project One Haiti is helping the orphans of Haiti by finding sponsorship and funding for them.

You can help by:

1. Praying for the children and those caring for them. Pray for the ministry of Project One Haiti.

2. Sponsor a child. Sponsorship allows an individual child to have the necessities of life.

3. Donate. Your one time gift will be used to develop gardens, clean water supplies, provide chickens, goats and more.

4. Write to your child. Letting them know someone cares by writing is an encouragement beyond words.

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Project One Haiti will strive to instill a love for the orphans and people of Haiti as well as a love of sacrificial service to those going on the mission field with us.