Project One Academy

Children who need Sponsors for School


Our original goal was to identify one orphanage per year that was operating at the margin and assist them in seven key areas.  However, we found it difficult to communicate and follow up on guidelines provided.  We prayerfully decided to take a more active role by launching Hope House. Through operating our own facility, we can set, communicate and inspect the execution of parameters by being on location full time.

Our goals for the children of Hope House are:

  • For them to be well educated in Academics and Social skills
  • To enhance their ability to obtain employment once leaving Hope House



Updated April 16, 2015.



  • To be physically in good health
  • To be spiritually well versed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The goal of assisting the marginalized children of Haiti remains at the forefront of our objectives. We are aware that the best home for a child is with its parents; in that vein, we are trying to work with moms without resources to keep their families together and still be able to provide the basic necessities of life. Which includes proper shelter, living space and nutrition. Income for the family is required to achieve these objectives. This will in some cases require adult education and training.

We are praying and looking for a house executive. This would free us up to carry our message to a broader audience.


  • Pray for the children and those caring for them.
  • Pray for the ministry of Project One Haiti.
  • Sponsor a child. Sponsorship allows an individual child to have the necessities of life.
  • Donate a one time gift which will be used to support the cost of Hope House.
  • Write to your child via email.  Letting them know someone cares is an encouragement beyond words.
  • Share Project One Haiti. Directing your friends to our website allows others to help.
  • Visit our orphanage to bring the Love of Christ to Haiti.  Contact us for more information and costs.